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Plug Appero into your app and instantly get more app store ratings, fewer negative reviews, and a boatload of customer insight.

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Product feedback biting you in the $$$?

Not Enough Ratings

You don't bother asking users to rate your app, so your app store ranking suffers.

Crappy Reviews

You're tone-deaf and ask frustrated users to rate your app, so you get bad reviews.

Not Data Driven

You once analysed your app store reviews. It took ages and you learned nothing.

No Referrals

You're too afraid to ask, so you get no customer referrals and no free publicity.

Wasted Positivity

You don't shout about your amazing reviews, so there's no buzz around your app.

Not User Centric

You think you know your customers yet keep adding features that don't get used.
"Within 10 days we'd had a 954% increase in positive ratings from our users, giving us an extra star to our app store rating. Amazing! "
Chris,Founder @ Carbs & Cals

Drive Growth with Product Feedback

Turn happy users into organic growth by asking the right people for in-app feedback at the right time.

Boost RatingsDrive happy users to leave postitive ratings and reviews, which is known to improve your app store rank and app download conversions
Get ReferralsAsk happy users for organic referrals on their social media, creating a whole new channel of user acquisition, automatically.
Embed the Feedback WallHost your very own Feedback Wall on your site with fresh, recent testimonials that will increase downloads

Retain Customers

Prevent negative app store reviews by detecting frustrated users and helping them.

  • Detect Frustrated UsersCatch poor app store reviews early, before they start putting off new customers and affecting your app store rankings.
  • Give Contextual GuidanceAutomatically detect unhappy users and offer context-sensitive help to increase retention and reduce churn.
  • Offer Personalised SupportDirectly message users to support them through their problems, increasing retention .
Drive customer success

Understand Users

Avoid being drowned in data with our feedback analysis dashboard that tells you what's what.

Monitor Important TopicsTrack user opinion around thorny topics, new features, or competitors. See if people are talking positively or negatively about these things.
Track Topics Over TimeSee how opinions change over app releases or time. Did you fix that pressing issue? Or make it worse?
Spot Emerging TrendsBecome aware of new topics as people start talking about them. Is there something you should be tracking that you’re not already tracking?
View Detailed FeebackDig deeper so you can address the big issues in your product design and planning. Prioritise the problems or opportunities that matter the most to your customers.
More User Reviews
More App Store Ratings
App Store Conversions
Organic Growth

Feature Ideas

Just some ideas for stuff we could do.

Topic Tracker

Monitor topics such as "Price" or "Data" and see how opinion changes with each release or over time - see if your improvements making an impact.

Emerging Topics

See suggestions for emerging topics in the feedback that you should keep an eye on.

ASO Rating Booster

Drive up your app store rating by automatically asking happy users to rate your app on the app store.

Social Referrals

Appvantage automatically asks fans to share their feedback on Twitter, TikTok or Facebook.

Review Wall

Embed a curated set of your most positive feedback on your website and repost on your own social channels


Auto Help contacts customers that leave negative reviews and suggests help pathways to turn them into happy customers, reducing churn and negative reviews.

Direct Message Customers

If you see a negative review, write to customers to help them solve the issue. This increases satisfaction and reduces churn.

Zapier Integrations

Send raw feedback to advanced data analysis tools via CVS and Zapier


Simple and Accessible Pricing

It's affordable to get started and to grow with our product.
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  • Great for apps with up to 2,500 MAU's.
  • Every month, you get:
  • 20 user feedback submissions
  • 3 tracked user insight topics
  • 10 app store ratings
  • 10 social media reviews
  • 5 Review Wall reviews
  • Access to download raw data
  • Unlimited team members

For established apps with many users

$99per app per month
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$999per app per year
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  • Ideal for apps with up to 200,000 MAU's.
  • Every month, you get:
  • Unlimited user feedback submissions
  • 20 tracked user insight topics
  • Unlimited app store ratings
  • Unlimited social media reviews
  • 100 Review Wall reviews
  • Access to download raw data
  • Unlimited team members

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$950per seat per year
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  • Everything in Scaleup, plus:
  • Up to 1m MAU's
  • Premium Support
  • Audit Logs
  • On-Site Hosting


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